Ph.D. position in the Mind & Brain Lab

Ph.D. position in the Mind & Brain Lab

We invite applications for a Ph.D. position at the Mind and Brain Laboratory, at the Department of Psychology, University of Ljubljana for research work within the research programme "Physiological Mechanisms of Neurological Diseases and Dysfunctions".

The candidate will be trained in the interdisciplinary field of cognitive neuroscience under the supervision of Prof. Grega Repovš. The work will focus on areas such as working memory, cognitive control, emotional processing, individual differences, and psychopathology, and could also include other related research areas such as applied cognitive psychology and neurophenomenology. Work and training will be adapted to the candidate's interests and competencies. We expect the focus to be on the analysis of multimodal neuroimaging data, with an emphasis on brain activity and functional connectivity using advanced analysis methods such as network analysis and machine learning. Due to fruitful international collaborations, there is the possibility of exchange visits abroad.

The candidate will participate in the design and data collection of behavioural, EEG, and fMRI studies and in the development of relevant analytical tools. Basic knowledge and experience in areas of cognitive neuroscience (psychology, cognitive science, neurobiology) and/or statistical data analysis, network analysis, signal processing, and machine learning is desired. Experience in experimental cognitive psychology, familiarity with EEG and fMRI, programming languages Matlab, Python, and R, and experience with operating systems UNIX /POSIX are welcome.

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the work, applicants from a wide range of studies, from psychology to computer science, are welcome. Preference will be given to applicants who express the desire and ability to conduct independent research and to work constructively in an interdisciplinary environment. Fluency in English is a requirement.

Applicants should apply to the call for young researchers that is planned to be posted on the University of Ljubljana website on Thursday, June 30 2022. The application deadline is expected to be July 13 2022. For more information, visit the Young Researchers website. Informal inquiries to the e-mail address are welcome.