Work opportunities in the lab

Student work in the lab

Mind and Brain Lab has a long history of collaboration with students of different bacgrounds and from varied faculties and universities that wish to gain research experience or conduct Bachelor, Masters or Doctoral research.

Most Bachelor or Masters level students gain research experience with data collection. In this case students take on data collection for behavioral or eye-tracking research or help with EEG and fMRI data collection.

Some students wish to gain experience with data processing and analysis or development of analytical methods and tools. In this case students take responsibility for e.g., preprocessing and review of EEG or MR data, or coding of new algorithms and analyses in Matlab or python. These require either relevant prior knowledge and experience or a dedication to in-depth study of EEG and fMRI data analysis and relevant tools.

Some students decide to start or continue their work in the lab by taking on a Masters research project. In this case we take care that the research can be integrated in the ongoing research in the lab. The proposals for research questions to be addressed in the Masters thesis can come from students themselves. Sometimes we also announce calls for Masters research projects, which are published in the posts below.

Employment and part-time work in the lab

Mind and Brain Lab employs a number of lab members. Some of us are primary employed as teachers, some as researchers on research programs and projects, and some as doctoral students.

Due to the nature of employment and financing of research projects in Slovenia, the opportunities for the employment in the lab are rare and related to successful grant proposals or PhD grants. Occassionaly, part-time work in the lab can be supported by ongoing research grants. In both cases the announcements are posted below.



Ph.D. position in the Mind & Brain Lab

We invite applications for a Ph.D. position at the Mind and Brain Laboratory, at the Department of Psychology, University of Ljubljana for research work within the research programme "Physiological Mechanisms of Neurological Diseases and Dysfunctions".


Development of advanced neuroimaging analyses

In MBLab we are continuously developing and optimizing software support for neuroimaging analyses, much of which is integrated in the QuNex toolbox []. Students that are experienced or would like to gain experience in software development and advanced neuroimaging analyses, are welcome to contact Grega Repovš