MBLab members

Mind and Brain Laboratory is directed by Grega Repovš and is a professional home to a number of teaching and research staff with diverse educational backgrounds, from psychology to computer science and aerospace engineering, at different educational levels, from PhD students to postdoctoral fellows and assistant professors. In addition, a number of students find working in the lab an excellent opportunity to gain research experience and potentially complete their master's thesis research.

Each lab member, past and present, contributes their experience and expertise to help the MBLab address a variety of research topics and projects. This is a place to get to know them.


Lara Oblak

Young Researcher, PhD Student, phone: +386 1 241 1174, email: lara.oblak@ff.uni-lj.si

Andraž Matkovič

Researcher, Teaching Assistant of Psychology, phone.: +386 1 241 1175, e-mail: andraz.matkovic@ff.uni-lj.si

Aleksij Kraljič

Researcher, PhD Student, Phone: +386 1 241 1174, email: aleksij.kraljic@ff.uni-lj.si

Jure Demšar

Assistant professor, phone: +386 1 241 1175, email: jure.demsar@ff.uni-lj.si

Anka Slana Ozimič

Researcher & Assistant professor of Cognitive Science, phone.: +386 1 241 1175, e-mail: anka.slana@ff.uni-lj.si

Nina Purg

Researcher, Teaching Assistant of Cognitive Science, phone: +386 1 241 1174, email: nina.purg@ff.uni-lj.si

Grega Repovš

Lab director, Professor of General Psychology, tel.: +386 1 241 1175, email: grega.repovs@ff.uni-lj.si